Take a close look at this bike!

Priority Bikes hit a home-run with this bike design.  3-speed internal hub, belt drive, puncture-resistant tires, pull-back handlebars.  This city bicycle has done everything Self-Propelled City has been begging bike shops to do for years.  On their kickstarter page you could have ordered one for $350 but they were sold out quickly.  Their kickstarter goal was $30,000 and they ended up raising $556,286 so I would say these bikes will be in demand, and bike shops in cities all over the US should take a very close look at this design and specs.  But they will be for sale on the Priority Bike website for $400 and that includes a floor pump with gauge.



I was lucky enough to meet David and to check out the Priority Bike workshop where they are gearing up to build them when they arrive at the end of the year.  This bike is one SPC can REALLY get behind.  The only thing I would have added would be fenders.  But to keep costs down they are something you can add later.  All of the needed braze-ons are there to add standard fenders.  This bike is about minimalism.  And I just have to accept the fact that most people would not go riding in the rain like me, so fenders are not required for those buyers.

NOTE: The rear dropouts on this bike are horizontal, rear facing “track” dropouts in the final design.  The Gizmodo article shows the front facing horizontal dropouts that were on the frames of earlier test bikes.

For more information visit Priority Bicycles website:





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