Month: June 2013

Bicycle Lanes for Multitudes

By ALICE RAWSTHORN NY Times Published: June 23, 2013 COPENHAGEN — It sounds so promising. A network of dedicated cycle routes running through a city with air pumps to fix flat tires, footrests to lean on while taking breaks and

Innovative New Lights for Bicycles

These are fun to look at but more importantly would really make night-time bicyclists more visible to cars.

Symposium on Future of Bicycles in Cities

Urban planning experts at the University of Washington have invited experts from around the world for a symposium to talk about better integrating bicycles into our city streets. Experts will see a special presentation on cargo bikes and a simulation

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1 Car = 10 Bicycles

How many bikes can you fit in the space occupied by a single car? Never thought about it? The creators of Car Bike Rack, CycleHoop, did and they developed a car-shaped bike rack to prove the point.  

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Underground Bicycle Parking Systems in Japan

Too many bicycles and not enough space in Japan – so what do they do? They dig wells in the ground and build robotic systems to store your two wheelers underground – safe from harsh weather and naughty thieves. (I

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Morris Canal Greenway Plan

Greenways Greenways are corridors of open space managed for conservation, recreation and transportation purposes. Greenways often follow natural land or water features, and link nature reserves, parks, cultural features, historic sites, and other public spaces with each other and with

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Bakfiets is Dutch.  Bak = Container.  Fiets = Bicycle.  So the Dutch, being a very practicle people, call these type of bikes “Containerbikes.” (a more fun translation might be “boxbike” but box in Dutch is “doos”) I’ve been wanting one

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Vienna embraces the romance and culture of the bicycle

Faced with increasingly congested streets, the Austrian capital is embracing cycling with a rental system, bike zones and special housing Go to article

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Time for a change

To quote an often repeated phrase, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” After 20 years online, the old Self-Propelled City site was looking a bit dated to me. And new posts on it had