How the bicycle can drive green development on planet Earth

There is great opportunity coming later this year. In September 2015, Richmond, Virginia will become the first American city since 1986 to host the World Road Championships. With 450,000 on-site spectators and 300 million TV viewers expected over the nine days of racing, Richmond 2015 would be a fantastic global platform to promote everyday cycling as a healthy choice for individuals and communities that seek to reduce pollution and live in cleaner and greener surroundings. Along with hosting the World Championships, the city of Richmond is preparing to overhaul its streets to make them more suitable for a wider range of people who want to use bikes for everyday travel. Their aim is to promote one in ten trips to be by bike by the year 2025; up from the current ratio of one in fifty trips.

Cycling is more than just a sporting event. It is an accessible form of transportation and leisure that is versatile across many terrains and most importantly safe and clean for the planet. Some 2 billion people already use bikes throughout the world. Regardless of socioeconomic or cultural background, as well as gender, age, or physical ability, the bicycle is a true champion for all.

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